The São Carlos Institute of Physics (Instituto de Física de São Carlos) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research center located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. With access to excellent research funding, the Institute coordinates several Brazilian research networks in diverse fields, such as optics and photonics, structural biology, ceramic materials, nanobiotechnology, scientific computing and organic electronics.


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Interaction of an esophageal MEG protein from schistosomes with a human S100 protein involved in inflammatory response.

ORCIA, Débora; ZERAIK, Ana Eliza; LOPES, José luiz de Souza; MACÊDO, Joci Neuby Alves; SANTOS, Clarissa Romano dos; OLIVEIRA, Kátia Cristina de; ANDERSON, Letícia; WALLACE, B. A; VERJOVSKI-ALMEIDA, Sérgio; ARAÚJO, Ana Paula Ulian de; DE MARCO, Ricardo.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Fluorescence spectroscopy of teeth and bones of rats to assess demineralization: in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo studies.

PAOLILLO, Fernanda Rossi; ROMANO, Renan Arnon; MATOS, Luciana de; RODRIGUES, Phamilla Gracielli Sousa; PANHÓCA, Vitor Hugo; MARTIN, Airton Abrahão; SOARES, Luis Eduardo Silva; CASTRO NETO, Jarbas Caiado de; BAGNATO, Vanderlei Salvador.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B
Observation of time-invariant coherence in a nuclear magnetic resonance quantum simulator.

SILVA, Isabela A.; SOUZA, Alexandre M.; BROMLEY, Thomas R.; CIANCIARUSO, Marco; MARX, Raimund; SARTHOUR, Roberto S.; OLIVEIRA, Ivan S.; FRANCO, Rosario Lo; GLASER, Steffen J.; AZEVÊDO, Eduardo Ribeiro de; PINTO, Diogo de Oliveira Soares; ADESSO, Gerardo.
Physical Review Letters
A comparison of the cosmic-ray energy scales of Tunka-133 and KASCADE-Grande via their radio extensions Tunka-Rex and LOPES.

APEL, W. D.; SOUZA, Vitor de.
Physics Letters B


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