The São Carlos Institute of Physics (Instituto de Física de São Carlos) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research center located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. With access to excellent research funding, the Institute coordinates several Brazilian research networks in diverse fields, such as optics and photonics, structural biology, ceramic materials, nanobiotechnology, scientific computing and organic electronics.


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Fluorescence quantum yield of Yb3+ -doped tellurite glasses determined by thermal lens spectroscopy.

LIMA, S. M.; SOUZA, A. K. R.; LANGARO, A. P.; SILVA, J. R.; COSTA, F. B.; MORAES, J. C. S.; FIGUEIREDO, M. S.; SANTOS, F. A.; BAESSO, M. L.; NUNES, Luiz Antônio de Oliveira; ANDRADE, L. H. C.
Optical Materials
Structural studies of fluoroborate laser glasses by solid state NMR and EPR spectroscopies.

ZHANG, Ruili; OLIVEIRA, Marcos de; WANG, Zaiyang; FERNANDES, Roger Gomes; CAMARGO, Andrea Simone Stucchi de; REN, Jinjun; ZHANG, Long; ECKERT, Hellmut.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Biocompatibility and toxicology effects of graphene oxide in cancer, normal, and primary immune cells.

PAINO, Iêda Maria Martinez; SANTOS, Fabrício; ZUCOLOTTO, Valtencir.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research A
Ultrafast laser pulses for structuring materials at micro/nano scale: from waveguides to superhydrophobic surfaces.

CORREA, Daniel S.; ALMEIDA, Juliana M. P.; ALMEIDA, Gustavo F. B.; CARDOSO, Marcos Roberto; DE BONI, Leonardo; MENDONÇA, Cleber Renato.


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