The São Carlos Institute of Physics (Instituto de Física de São Carlos) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research center located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. With access to excellent research funding, the Institute coordinates several Brazilian research networks in diverse fields, such as optics and photonics, structural biology, ceramic materials, nanobiotechnology, scientific computing and organic electronics.


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Measurements of refractive indices and thermo-optical coefficients using a white-light Michelson interferometer.

ROCHA, A. C. P.; SILVA, J. R.; LIMA, S. M.; NUNES, Luiz Antônio de Oliveira; ANDRADE, L. H. C.
Applied Optics
Injection locking of a low cost high power laser diode at 461 nm.

PAGETT, C. J. H.; MORIYA, P. H.; TEIXEIRA, R. Celistrino; SHIOZAKI, R. F.; HEMMERLING, M.; COURTEILLE, Philippe Wilhelm.
Review of Scientific Instruments
as analyses from hadronic tau decays with OPAL and ALEPH data.

BOITO, Diogo Rodrigues; GOLTERMAN, Maarten; MALTMAN, Kim; PERIS, Santiago.
Modern Physics Letters A
Architecture of lead oxide microcrystals in glass: a laser and etching based method.

ALMEIDA, J. M. P.; ALMEIDA, G. F. B.; HERNANDES, Antonio Carlos; MENDONÇA, Cleber Renato.


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