The São Carlos Institute of Physics (Instituto de Física de São Carlos) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research center located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. With access to excellent research funding, the Institute coordinates several Brazilian research networks in diverse fields, such as optics and photonics, structural biology, ceramic materials, nanobiotechnology, scientific computing and organic electronics.


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Magnesium and cadmium containing Heusler phases REPd2Mg, REPd2Cd, REAg2Mg, REAu2Mg and REAu2Cd.

JOHNSCHER, Michael; STEIN, Sebastian; NIEHAUS, Oliver; BENNDORF, Christopher; HELETTA, Lukas; KERSTING, Marcel; HÖTING, Cristoph; ECKERT, Hellmut; PÖTTGEN, Rainer.
Solid State Sciences
Mechanistic insights into c-di-GMP-dependent control of the biofilm regulator FleQ from Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

MATSUYAMA, Bruno Y.; KRASTEVA, Petya V.; BARAQUET, Claudine; HARWOOD, Caroline S.; SONDERMANN, Holger; NAVARRO, Marcos Vicente de Albuquerque Salles.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States - PNAS
Structural characterization and cytotoxic activity of heteroleptic copper (II) complexes with l-dipeptides and 5-NO2-phenanthroline.: crystal structure of [Cu(Phe- Ala)(5-NO2-Phen)].

IGLESIAS, Sebastián; ALVAREZ, Natalia; KRAMER, M. Gabriela; TORRE, María H.; KREMER, Eduardo; ELLENA, Javier; COSTA FILHO, Antônio José da; FACCHIN, Gianella.
Structural Chemistry and Crystallography Communication
HTP-oligodesigner: an online primer design tool for high-throughput gene cloning and site-directed mutagenesis.

CAMILO, Cesar M.; LIMA, Gustavo; MALUF, Fernando V.; GUIDO, Rafael Victorio Carvalho; POLIKARPOV, Igor.
Journal of Computational Biology


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