Undergraduate Program

IFSC is a teaching unit of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in the campus of São Carlos. It offers the following undergraduate courses:

• BSc. in Physics

• BSc. in Physical and Biomolecular Sciences

• BSc. in Computational Physics 

• Higher Education in Sciences

BSc. in Physics: 

This is an excellent option for those who wish to have a broad knowledge of the various areas of physics, including fundamental concepts and applications. IFSC has over the years formed physicists that are among the best professionals in the country, currently involved in research, high education teaching and technology innovation. 

The students may opt for emphasis on the more traditional theoretical-experimental physics or emphasis on optics and photonics. Most importantly, all students have opportunity to complement their formation by becoming involved in research, through the well-established program of scientific initiation. Such research may be developed in diversified areas of physics and related subjects, including applications in health sciences and technology.  

BSc. in Physical and Biomolecular Sciences

In line with the revolution brought about by Biotechnology, IFSC implemented in 2006 a BSc. in Physical and Biomolecular Sciences, being the first of its kind in Latin America. This course forms professionals for research, teaching and for developing new technologies in the pharmaceutical, biomedicine and agriculture sectors. The motivation for this new course came from the successful contributions from the research in these areas carried out at IFSC, including courses at the post-graduate level. This expertise was also fostered within the Center for Structural Molecular Biotechnology (CBME), one of the multidisciplinary centers sponsored by FAPESP. Researchers from IFSC have also pioneered research and development in interface areas between physics, biology and medicine, including nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, application of lasers in health systems, crystallization of proteins and development of new pharmaceutical drugs for tropical diseases. 

The BSc. in Physical and Biomolecular Sciences is based on a molecular approach to biological phenomena, through which knowledge and methods are used from physics, molecular biology and biochemistry. The students also learn about problem diagnosis, molecular modeling, in addition to computational simulations of various types of systems. Such acquired knowledge is integrated with specific biotech applications, such as design and modeling of pharmaceutical drugs, genetic engineering and protein engineering, biomaterials, nanobiotechnology and bioinformatics.

BSc. in Computacional Physics

This undergraduate course was created in 2006, 10 years after the introduction of the emphasis in Computational Physics within the BSc. of Physics. It distinguishes itself by providing the students with a solid basis of the principles, functioning and programming of computers, with emphasis on the modeling of problems in physics, which are only solved with the help of computational methods. 

Higher Education in Sciences

The formation of well-prepared science teachers for high school is key for the educational system in Brazil. With the undergraduate course on Licenciatura in Hard Sciences, in a joint effort from the Instituto de Física de São Carlos (IFSC), Instituto de Química de São Carlos (IQSC) and Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação (ICMC), qualified professionals are being formed. 

The classes are held in the evenings to facilitate enrollment of students that need to keep working during their undergraduate studies. Differently from the BSc. courses at IFSC, the Licenciatura includes several pedagogical disciplines, and the contents from Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught in an integrated way. The objective is to form teachers that have a comprehensive, multidisciplinary knowledge of hard sciences and applications to everyday life. These teachers will then have a broader perspective of work in the educational system. 

Foreign Students Admissions

Foreign students interested in the IFSC undergraduate program may contact the USP Center for International Cooperation (CCINt), http://www.usp.br/internationaloffice/en, for information about admissions. 

Additional Information and Contact:

Undegraduate program coordinator: Prof. Valmor Roberto Mastelaro

E-mail Contact: grad@ifsc.usp.br

Undegraduate program administration office/Isabel A. Possato