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14:00 hrs
Sala Celeste

Thiago Rodrigues de Oliveira
Instituto de Física - UFF

Emaranhamento e fundamentos da mecânica estatística

Recent results suggest that the use of ensembles in Statistical Mechanics may not be necessary for isolated systems, since typically the states of the Hilbert space would have properties similar to the ones of the ensemble. Nevertheless, it is often argued that most of the states of the Hilbert space are non-physical and not good descriptions of realistic systems. Therefore, to better understand the actual power of typicality it is important to ask if it is also a property of a set of physically relevant states. Here we address this issue, studying if and how typicality emerges in the set of matrix product states. We show analytically that typicality occurs for the expectation value of subsystems' observables when the rank of the matrix product state scales polynomially with the size of the system with a power greater than two. We illustrate this result numerically and present some indications that typicality may appear already for a linear scaling of the rank of the matrix product state.

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