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16 de outubro de 2013
Sala F-210

Yuefan Deng

Stony Brook University

Architectures, algorithms, and applications of supercomputers: challenges and solutions

Supercomputers are capable of performing 1016 floating-point operations per second (34 PFlops). The greatest challenges facing computer and computational scientists are to further increase the computer speeds and, more challengingly, to develop programming models to enable realization of the potentials of such massive systems. We will discuss three related topics. First, we review the latest innovations in interconnection networks and processor technologies for achieving ever increasing raw computing speeds. Second, we analyze a parallel computing algorithm, task mapping, for helping minimize and balance data movement over a complex network of processors. Third, we discuss several computational science projects including study of the mechanisms of human blood platelet activations, causing heart attacks and strokes, by multiscale discrete particle dynamics and molecular dynamics.

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