Course Material

The course will be based on various chapters from the review article “Confinement, chiral symmetry, and the lattice ,” Acta Physica Slovaca 61, No.1, 1-127 (2011), available at or alternatively at arXiv:1103.3304.
The slides and exercises are in this directory.


Lecture 1: An elementary overview of the motivations and general ideas of lattice gauge theory. Chapters 1-6 of the above.

Lecture 2: Chiral symmetry as an important non-perturbative tool in hadronic physics. Exploring the interplay of the three ways this symmetry is broken. Chapters 8-10.

Lecture 3: Lattice fermions, emphasizing issues related to chiral symmetry. Chapters 3, 11, and 12.

Lecture 4: Discusses a number of controversies arising from the interplay of the lattice with chiral symmetries. Chapters 7, 9, 10, and 13.

Some exercises for the discussion sessions.


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