Tutorial 1

Christian Hoelbling

In this tutorial, we will do some analysis on fake lattice data. First, I will introduce the basic concepts needed to extract meson masses and matrix elements from lattice propagators. Then every participant will create his/her own set of fake lattice data and extract “physical” quantities from them. In the end, we will compare these results to the exactly known answers.

Access to a computer with GNU/Octave installed is required to participate in the exercises. All fake data generation and analysis routines are provided (see link below) and will be explained before the exercise session. It is recommended that you download the Octave routines before the course, but please don’t spoil yourself the fun by looking at “physpoint.m” or “cheat.m” before the end of the course.

Transparencies of introductory lecture

Transparencies of exercises

Package of Octave routines