The main goal of our research is to better understand collective scattering of light from ordered and disordered clouds of ultracold atoms, in particular superradiance and photonic bandgaps. For this purpose are setting up an experimental apparatus for cooling strontium down to quantum-degenerate temperatures and trapping it in optical lattices. The cloud's response to incident light reveals the nature of the collective interaction.

FAPESP grants for PhD available !

We offer two FAPESP grants for PhDs for experimental work on one of our research topics.

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Article at IFSC website (2015)

Article in Pesquisa FAPESP (2015)

Article in Agência de Inovação da USP (2015)


Universidade de São Paulo
Instituto de Física de São Carlos
Departamento de Física e Ciência dos Materiais
Laboratório: Grupo de Óptica
Endereço comercial: Av. Trabalhador São-Carlense 400, SP 13566-590 São Carlos, SP
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Telefone: +55 (16) 3373 6679
E-mail: philippe.courteille@ifsc.usp.br

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