Commission for International Relations - CRInt

The University of São Paulo USP is increasing its efforts to internationalize its structure, studentship and scientific and administrative personal with the aim of improving its performance, competivity and the international visibility of its scientific production. To support these efforts with practical measures the Instituto de Física de São Carlos installed the Comissão de Relações Internacionais called CRInt. The measures include:

1. Develop and implement actions promoting international cooperation in undergraduation and graduation programs, research, and outreach;

2. Give assistance for the implementation of international cooperation agreements;

3. Promote international exchange programs via total or partial grants for international students coming for internships to IFSC or students from IFSC attending international events;

4. Give administrative assistance to foreign undergraduate and graduate students during their stay.

Composition of the CRInt

Prof. Dr. Osvaldo Novais de Oliveira Jr. (President)
Prof. Dr. Richard Charles Garratt (Vice president)
Prof. Dr. José Pedro Donoso Gonzales
Prof. Dr. Philippe Wilhelm Courteille

Contacting the CRInt


Calls for internships

Since its implementation in 2011 the CRInt granted more than 30 fully covered internships of 8 weeks duration to students from all over the world. During its internship every student carries out a research project in a laboratory in one of various areas ranging from structural biology to astroparticle physics. The work is supervised by a professor of the IFSC and provides the visiting student the opportunity to familiarize with a new topic or find out whether the chosen area of reseach is really as he/she imagined. Further-more, he/she will get into contact with Brasilian and other foreign students and, who knows, eventually find out that São Carlos is a nice place to live and pursue graduate studies.

If you are tempted, just check the following calls for the next opportunity:

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Official announcements

Portaria IFSC 5/2012
Portaria IFSC 051/2010

Post-doc opportunities

The IFSC offers interesting opportunities for post-docs from Brazil and abroad with competitive salaries. You may contact us or directly the professor responsible for the research area you are interested in.

You can also check this data bank for available projects.

Practical information for Download

Documentação para estrangeiros:Registro de estrangeiros, RNE
Numero de imposto e Conta bancaria, CPF
Documentation for foreigners: Registration of foreigners, RNE
Tax number and Bank account, CPF
Documentacion para extranjeros: Registro de extranjeros - identidad, RNE
CPF y cuenta bancaria, CPF
Documentation pour étrangers: Enregistrement des étrangers, RNE
Numéro d'impots et compte bancaire, CPF
Dokumentation für Ausländer: Registrierung von Ausländern, RNE
Bankkontoeröffnung, CPF

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