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Lattes CV Prof. Dr. Igor Polikarpov
Igor Polikarpov is a Full Professor of the Institute of Physics in Sao Carlos (IFSC), The University of São Paulo (USP), President of the IFSC Research Committee and Vice-President of the Bioenergy Network of the University. His main scientific interests are centered at Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics and their applications in Bioenergy, Environmentally-friendly Technologies and Health. Igor Polikarpov graduated in Physics from the Byelorussian State University (1983), did his PhD at the same University (1989), and post-docs at the Latvian Academy of Science (1991), Max-Planck Gesselschaft (1993) and the University of Edinburgh (1995). Published over 140 scientific papers, which were cited more than 2.000 times (ISI). Igor Polikarpov coordinated scientific collaborations with pharmaceutical industries and was responsible for construction, installation and operation of large-scale scientific installations (protein crystallography beamlines MX-1 & MX-2 at the Brazilian National Synchrotron Laboratory/LNLS, Campinas, Brazil). Igor Polikarpov is a Comendador of the National Order of Scientific Merit.