Café com Física



12 de junho de 2019

Sérgio Muniz

Quantum technologies based on solid state spins at room temperature

This seminar will present some of the systems currently studied at the Laboratory of Quantum Technologies, with emphasis on systems operating at room temperature. In particular, we will discuss the relevant physics and properties of the Nitrogen-Vacancy centers (NV) in diamond, a system with an enormous potential for many practical applications in quantum technologies and nanosensing. Our research goals with this system include quantum information processing, quantum sensing and studying the behavior of nanomachines (nanoengines) for energy production (within the framework of quantum thermodynamics).

If time allows, other new and exciting systems will be mentioned, including a new setup for optical trapping of nanoparticles (nano-tweezer), where we currently can optically trap micro and nanodiamonds with NV centers, and also show our latest progress in creating engineered high-resolution dynamic optical potentials for applications in optical-tweezers and ultracold atoms.