Multi-User Equipment (EMU LabRam)

The LabRam UV-Visible-NIR HR System (200-2100 nm), which is part of the Center for the Characterization of Mineral Species (CCEM) Process 13/03487-8, provides high spatial and spectral resolution and is used for the identification and characterization of minerals through the obtaining of their characteristic spectra by Raman spectroscopy. It is operated with different types of laser of 532, 633 and 785 nm wavelengths and a CCD detector. It also shows excellent image retrieval capabilities for more complex 2D and 3D samples, including SWIFTTM, DuoScanTM and autofocus confocal acquisition modes and enables studies of crystallinity, phase transition, polymorphism, design and development of drugs and new materials. Charges levied for its use will cover operating expenses, so that it can be made available to researchers of the São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC) USP, other public institutions of education and research, companies, museums, mineralogists, geologists, engineers and collectors of mineral species.

The information necessary for the use of the equipment includes sample type, researcher's name, affiliation, a succinct project summary and proof of payment. The request for its use and scheduling must be made to the managing committee through the EMU_CCEM form and sent to Dr. Marcelo B. Andrade by e-mail: