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Would you like to tell us something about the site and its contents? Or maybe you found a bug which crept in? Or do you want to know something that is not yet explained on the site?

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16 thoughts on “Feedback

    1. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
      Unfortunately the latest version of Chrome does not work well with our website.
      Please use Firefox and the Flash Player Plugin. Then everyting should work fine.
      Let me know, if you need any help.

  1. Is necessary to say that all my questions are about Basic Laboratory, Advance is working well.

  2. I tried to run the laboratory application in three different machines running Windows 7 operating system beyond my personal computer running Ubuntu 13 operating system . I updated all of the Flash players , Java, Mozilla and Chrome browsers in all and happen the same thing . The application loads 100 % of nothing else more . Only pressing the space in the keboard, behind the display a tablet moves up and down , only this … Help please .

  3. Why Could not I run the labs in my Ubuntu operating system? I pdated everytinhg in my system, since the mozilla until the flash player. Anyone Could help me? Best regards.

    1. As the virtual lab requires the Flash player, please update it or install the Chrome browser (not Chromium). We have tested the virtual lab on Ubuntu and it runs smoothly using Firefox with Flash-plugin, or Chrome.

      Best regards

      1. The application loads 100 % on Windows and Linux OS, but nothing else happens … Help.

  4. I took the quantum mechanical virtual lab demo test, i.e., firing a monochromatic laser beam of green light at molecules, (scattering) pushing them through a vacuum chamber resulting in a diffraction pattern at a detector, and had no trouble getting it all right. It felt like I was in a real lab which in the past I have been. Great fun for a theorist. Vielen Dank!

  5. As a layperson, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the lab. As a graphics designer, I appreciate the fine work that went into the interactive Flash presentation. Thank you! I placed a link to Quantum Interactive on my web site on the Physics and Quantum Computing pages.

  6. The page on “Quantum Interference: How to visualize the quantum wave nature of matter?” has sliders to look at wave interference but there is no visualization to go with the sliders.

    1. Thank you for your bug report. We were able to reproduce the problem with the Chrome browser, Firefox displays well. We are working on a fix. Until then, please try to use another browser. Firefox should work fine.

  7. Hello,
    I was trying to use the virtal lab (precisely the Diffraction at a grating experiment), the Loading pecentage is at 100% but i cannot go any further.
    I hope you will manage to fix this, it seems a really interesting tool.

    1. Try to give it more time to load, even though it says 100%.
      The loading percentage is an indicator how much still needs to be loaded, however, it is not always correctly displayed as the program might not yet know everything that needs to be loaded.

    1. Hello,
      the problem should be fixed!
      We updated the simulation but forgot to change the link.
      Thank you for your help!

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