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How to set up your system

The virtual laboratory is based on Adobe Flash Player. Without Flash, your browser will download a *.swf file instead of starting the laboratory.

Unfortunately some browsers such as Chrome do not support the Flash Player anymore. We have the best experience using Firefox.

How to use this website

The website is structured in two parts: The learning path and the laboratory. Both have different scopes. The learning path provides the information and guides you through the topics. At several points you are assigned to accomplish an experimental challenges in the virtual laboratory where you can apply your knowledge.

the learning path the laboratory
learningpath laboratory

The learning path

The learning path consists of two sections:

  • The basics learning path: targets high school students and the public. It covers simple grating diffraction that is known from many school text books, but in the context of a modern research experiment. You will need 1 hour to go through the topics and experimental tasks.
  • The advanced learning path: targets university students and people that have mastered the basics learning path. It goes deeper into the topics of high mass quantum interference and the scientific challenges. You will need 3-4 hours to go through all of the topics and experimental tasks.

Both parts of the learning path show mostly qualitative information, but encompasses also detailed quantitative information in optional subsections like this.

Extra: Click here to show additional information

Read the texts in the learning path, explore the applets visualizing the discussed phenomena and take the questionnaires to self-check if you understood the concepts.


Answer the question!

Each page of the learning path has links on the bottom to go to the next or the previous page. Additionally you can access all of the provided topics with the menu bar on the top. We strongly advise you to follow the given order of the learning path!

The laboratory

When you find an experimental challenge in the learning path then click on the link to access the virtual lab and follow the instructions provided. After completing of a challenge, go back to the learning path and proceed.