Welcome to the Workshop on Ultracold Rydberg Physics

This workshop is aimed at understanding the many facets of Rydberg atom systems viewed from a modern perspective. Over the last 10-20 years the study of ultracold Rydberg atoms has been spurred on by the ability to exploit their exaggerated and tunable properties for their application in quantum optics, quantum simulation, quantum sensing and many-body physics. Rydberg atoms can be effectively used as traps for electrons in ultracold gases, to sense radio frequency electric fields, create novel states of matter using dipole blockade and play essential roles in quantum simulation. Rydberg atoms are now valuable resources in quantum physics.  Our conference will bring scientists from all of these focus areas together to present their work.
The primary goal of gathering scientists from different areas of Rydberg atom research is to have a meeting where senior scientists, junior scientists, pos-docs and graduate students from different sub-fields share ideas on the future of this exciting field. In order to ensure that all participants have a common background, we shall have a review talk to stress the main achievements in this field. Students are particularly welcome to attend this conference, and we hope to provide as much support as possible. We will emphasize opportunities for collaboration and travel abroad to the participants, particularly the students. The workshop will be held at Transamérica Prestige Beach Class International hotel located at the Boa Viagem Beach in  Recife, Brazil. The workshop will start on December 2 and it will take place over 3 days. There will be both invited and contributed talks, in addition to a poster session.

Organizing Committee:

Rosario Gonzalez Ferez - Universidad de Granada - Spain
Tommaso Macri - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil
Emanuel Alves de Lima Henn - University of São Paulo - Brazil
Paul Kunz - Army Research Laboratory - USA
James P. Shaffer - Quantum Valley Ideas Laboratories - Canada
Luis G. Marcassa - University of São Paulo - Brazil


Third International Workshop on Ultracold Rydberg Physics

2-5 December, 2018
Transamérica Prestige Beach Class International Hotel
Boa Viagem Beach, Recife, Brazil