Charm penguins in B meson decays

Speaker: Patricia Magalhães, CBPF

When/Where: 2:30 PM, November 8, 2017 (Sala 3 Bloco D)

Abstract: Charm penguin diagrams are known to be the main contribution
to decay process with strangeness variation equal to minus one which
is the case of B +—> K − K + K +decay. The wide phase space
available allows non trivial final state interactions. In this work
we investigate the hypothesis of charm Penguin duality contribution
to B + —> K − K + K + , described by a hadronic triangle loop in the
nonperturbative regions of the phase space, and by a partonic loop at
the quasi perturbative region. These nonresonant amplitudes must have
a particular signature that should be seen in data analyses.