Exploring the infrared QCD with Scwhinger-Dyson equation

Speaker: Cristina Aguilar, IFGW-Unicamp

When/Where: 4:30 PM, September 20, 2016 (Sala de Defesas)

Abstract: The basic building blocks of QCD are the Green’s
functions of the fundamental physical degrees of freedom, gluons and
quarks, and of the unphysical ghosts. Even though it is well-known
that these quantities are not physical, since they depend on the
gauge-fixing scheme and parameters used to quantize the theory, it is
widely believed that QCD Green’s functions encode crucial information about
the infrared dynamics of the theory. Due to recent improvements in the
lattice simulation and the truncation schemes employed for the Schwinger-Dyson equations
we have now reached a point where the interplay between these two non-perturbative tools
can be most fruitful. In this talk several of the above points will be reviewed, with particular
emphasis on the implications for the gluonic and ghost sectors, the non-perturbative effective
charge of QCD and the chiral symmetry breaking.