The Scientific Dissemination team of the CEPOF has been carrying out several activities in the area of Science Dissemination since 2001. Professor Vanderlei Bagnato, coordinator of CEPOF, received in 2004 the José Reis Award for Scientific Dissemination and in 2014 received the Baldacci Prize for Scientific Publishing. In the last years, 2018, 2019 and 2020, the CEPOF - in partnership with the Board of Education - won 3 prizes, in the Science and Technology category - Science Clubs, in a Prize offered by the City Hall and the City Council of the city of São Carlos. Among the most relevant CEPOF Science Dissemination actions, the following stand out: (1) Science and Technology Fairs held in schools and also in the interior of the Amazon. USP Fair of Science and Technology (2) Science Clubs, set up in the state public schools of São Carlos and region. In na important partnership with the Teaching Board of the Region of São Carlos, we set up more than 300 Science Clubs, which received free interactive educational kits donated by CEPOF, through projects of CNPq and FAPESP. The Clubs have develop different activities throughout the year, which are presented in our Science Fairs and received several kind of prize. (3) Interactive educational kits from various areas of science, which are being distributed free of charge to public schools throughout the country and especially to public schools in São Carlos, to which they have received training and didactic accompaniment. (4) Itinerant Planetarium, which is being exhibited in schools, museums, universities and public squares, taking different themes of science. (5) Scientific Workshops, one of which brought 5 Nobel Prize winners, who awarded medals to elementary and middle school students, for the Brazilian Physics Olympiad. (6) TV channel-24 hours on the air, internet classes, radio programs and columns in newspapers, where scientific, technological and innovation programs are transmitted. Internet classes have more than 200 thousand views. (7) Professor Trainings and school classes: from primary and secondary school levels, held several times a year. (8) Semoptica Exhibition – Week of Optics, held annually for 20 years, in museums, squares, schools and shopping malls in the State of São Paulo. (9) The mobile laboratory, built on a bus, with the theme "Walking on water" which receives thousands of visitors annually.

Book: Summarizing Outreach Activities




Confira alguns webseminários realizados: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW5Hta-B_II5cfmOiCZ3qr5xwhrWQ1lee Abaixo estão listados todos os seminários do realizados:



The production of videos at CePOF is one of the most important dissemination activities carried out. A TV channel is available 24 hours a day for the dissemination of science and scientific culture on cable TV in São Carlos.


Educational Kits

The set of educational kits that are part of the “Adventures in Science” program was initially developed by scientists from the University of São Paulo-USP, University of Campinas-UNICAMP and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ, with the aim of stimulating the practice science among young people, mainly in high school courses and in some elementary school subjects.


Week of Optics

Week of Optics, with the main objective of reaching the general public with regard to science and technology, the CePOF team frequently organizes scientific exhibitions in public places. During these exhibitions, students, researchers and professors prepare teaching materials to explain their research, as well as prepare general demonstrations in optics. The companies that started their businesses [...]