Post-doctoral opportunities at IFSC

Post-Doctoral Positions in Statistical Mechanics

Two post-doctoral positions are available at the Group of Statistical Mechanics of the São Carlos Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo. The position is funded by FAPESP (a São Paulo State agency) to the project: Quantum Spin Chain, coordinated by Francisco C. Alcaraz and José A. Hoyos.

The candidates should have experience in at least one of the following subjects (or related area):

1. Conformal Field Theory and general applications to Statistical Mechanics or Condensed Matter,

2. Disordered systems in Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter,

3. Numerical methods for spectral calculations in quantum systems (Lanczos, DMRG, t-DMRG, MERA, etc.),

4. Bethe ansatz and integrable models

5. Non-equilibrium stochastic models,

6. Quantum information in quantum chains.

The positions are for (1+1) years, with possible further extensions. The net salary is R$ 6.819,30/per month (brazilian reais) plus additional traveling resources.

Applications including a CV with a brief research statement and two reference letters should be sent to the email address: or

The deadline for applications is April, 16 2017.

For further information please contact F. C. Alcaraz or J. A. Hoyos on the above e-mail addresses.