Course Material

Lectures on Non-perturbative Renormalization

  • I. Perturbative Renormalization and the Renormalization Group (a reminder)
  • II. Non-perturbative Renormalization: the prickle Lectures_I+II
  • III. Connecting low and high energies Lecture_III (including an Exercise)
  • IV. New developments: the Gradient flow Lectures_III+IV


  1. Go through the argument in hep-th/9803147 (M. Testa),  Sect. 2. Does it hold beyond PT?
  2.  Show that $ M_i^s = M_i^{s’}$, where $s,s’$ are different schemes.
  3. Show that $ \Lambda^s = k\,\Lambda^{s’}$
  4. Determine $k$ in terms of $\chi_g^{(1)}, b_0$.
  5. What is needed to determine $\chi_g^{(1)}$?


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